for the past five years i have collected spiderwebs from maine, oregon, vermont, connecticut, new york, massachusetts, and california. all the places that i have spent significant time. i printed 2000 of the webs as unique silver gelatin prints, never to be duplicated. they’re 8x10” on ilford matte fiber paper.

many of the prints are currently installed at the ica in portland, maine.

there are a lot of big feelings in these prints for me, and i want others to be able to see/own a piece of those feelings.

every print will be stamped and hand-numbered on the back, weegee style. you will get a random spiderweb print from me that no one else in the whole wide world will ever own.

ten dollars from each print will be donated to the herbal mutal aid network. the rest will go to my health insurance, rent, and film. if you want/need to pay any more/less, email me ( thank you so much, honestly.