the barn is a book of photographs made during the summer and fall of 2023 all in a single barn that served as my studio. the barn exists as a church—a sanctuary—a queer future—a (non)functional space of imagination.

the barn consists of 30 plates. the pages are french-folded and bound backward, printed on the inside of the fold are 15 images of moths that came to the window of the barn while i photographed every night. the entire book is printed on awagami washi bamboo paper.

the cover, endpapers, title page, and text is letterpressed with handmade polymer halftone plates, the spine is foil stamped with linotype. it is perfect bound into a block, which is bound into a hardcover. all of this was made possible during my time as the book arts resident at maine media college. this book doesn’t photograph well, ya gotta see it.

i only made 25 of these books, and won’t make any more. they’re expensive, i’m sorry!

fifty dollars of each book sale will go to the PCRF. the rest of it will go to my rent, food, film, and therapy. 

there are two prices for this book. please choose the one you’re able to pay.

$350 is the price that simply covers the production of the book.
$500 is the price for those able to pay regular retail.

all editions shipped in a custom box with a 4x5” contact silver gelatin print.