i have a solo show at dowling walsh gallery in rockland maine open now

i have a solo show opening at the southern vermont arts center at the end of march

i have a solo show opening at blue sky gallery opening in may

i have a solo show at real art ways opening sometime

i have a solo show at standard deluxe in switzerland opening in september

i am working so hard on this new book im so excited

i am teaching a class at icp soon, you can still sign up

i will me at the millay colony this summer

i am teaching lots at maine college of art, it’s so fun 

my mamiya 7 broke

i bought a piece of land, which makes me so happy i could cry

i was able to fix my volvo

my dog is so funny


I am a fellow at the lunder institiute for american art at colby college

I am going to light work right afterward, this summer

I have a few lectures scheduled, lemme know if you want a zoom link

I started my own public access tv channel

I’m still working hard on my book with tbw

I did a shoot for lux magazine about flowers

I’m teaching at maine college of art all year

I have a bunch of work up at the CMCA

I have four solo shows coming up this year

I’m really in studio mode these days, so i don’t think i have much more to report


I will be opening my frist nyc solo show at the penumbra foundation 7.12.22 6pm

I’m giving a lecture at maine college of art, mfa dept on july 19

I am the 2022-23 lunder institue fellow at colby college

I am still the artist in residence from april-october at the ellis-beauregard foundation

I got a dog


I will be the artist in residence from april-october at the ellis-beauregard foundation

I published a series of images for the great lux magazine. an article by astra and sunara taylor about animal rights

I moved my studio to rockland, maine

I am in a show at the ICA in porltand, maine

I am teaching a class on theory and a class on how to make books at maine college of art

I am teaching a ghost hunting workshop at maine media workshops

I am making a book with the best publisher in the world tbw books

I am making another book with the best designer in the world, area books

I have more to write, but am frankly feeling too sad right now. love you.


I recently graduated from yale with my mfa, you can see our thesis show here

I will be a light work artist in residence in 2022

I was just shortlisted for the hariban award

I was shortlisted for the hopper prize 2021 — they interviewed me

I was a finalist for the W. Eugene Smith Award, 2021 — but didn’t get it, lol

I am a 2021 artist in residence at mary sky and will do my resdiency next summer

I just moved to eugene, oregon—where i’ll be until november. let’s hang out?

I am teaching book arts and foundations classes at maine college of art this winter

I was on martha’s vineyard this summer where taught workshops on analog photography here

I am just finished teaching a class on how to hunt ghosts at silver eye center

I will be teaching workshops at maine media center very soon

I recently wrote this article and interviewed a bunch of my friends

I recently did this kinda awkward interview for bjp

I recently did this slightly less awkward interview for heavy collective

I will be an artist in residence at the penumbra foundation this november

I have two monographs in the works that i can’t tell you anything about yet

I won second place in the lenscratch student prize 2021

I found a huge patch of chanterelle mushrooms a few days ago

I had a very large piece of art showing in the window of space gallery in portland, maine. It was up until the end of july

I made a zine with the brilliant designer miguel gaydosh that just came out to accompany the piece at space gallery. you can buy it here

I have some art on the internet that you can see at launch F18 — juxtapoz wrote about it

I was just in a show at marlborough gallery in nyc

I am in a show called the shelter cultivation project in burlington vt that is up now

I was in a show at casemore kirkeby in san francisco that came down in august

I am in a show that will go up at up gallery in taiwan at the beginning of the new year

I have a large installation that will be up at the Lishui Photo Festival

I have been feeling very strange and kind of bad lately but hope you feel good. i also feel really uncomfortable listing all this stuff but i’m told i’m should. tryn to do the right thing <3


my name is dylan. i make photographs, videos, writing, and books. i think about mythmaking, disinformation, and animals. i praise at the altar of story.

i work as a teacher and mushroom farmer. i just graduated from yale with my mfa.

i live on an island and like to wear camo t shirts even though i’ve never eaten meat. 

this website is a mess. it’s also in the process of being updated. i get pretty freaked out about my photographs being on the internet, please bear with me.

i’ve chosen to have this website only show a tiny selection of projects and only a tiny selection of images per project.

if you are interested in something editiorial, please email me and I will sen

d you my editorial portfolio.

i’ve been spending most of my time in maine, oregon, and massachusetts.


info@dylanhausthor.com (i will answer you if you email me, but it might take a minute. if i don’t, try dylanhausthor@gmail.com)

send me a letter at 
po box 97
peaks island, maine


(a very old) CV