my name is dylan. i make photographs, videos, writing, and books. i think about mythmaking, disinformation, and animals. i praise at the altar of story.

i work as a teacher and mushroom farmer. i just graduated from yale with my mfa.

i live on an island and like to wear camo t shirts even though i’ve never eaten meat. 

this website is a mess. it’s also in the process of being updated. i get pretty freaked out about my photographs being on the internet, please bear with me.

i’ve chosen to have this website only show a tiny selection of projects and only a tiny selection of images per project.

if you are interested in something editiorial, please email me and I will send you my editorial portfolio.

i’ve been spending most of my time in maine, oregon, and massachusetts.

contact (i will answer you if you email me, but it might take a minute. if i don’t, try

send me a letter at 
po box 97
peaks island, maine